Bathroom Trends in 2016

2015 has now came to an end, us at Direct Plumbing and Heating Supplies have taken a look and picked out what we think will be the popular trends for your bathroom interiors.


There are a vast amount of colours that will be more popular this year than the last, but metallics will especially come into their own both in fashion and interiors. Again, this is a trend that can be versatile to your style. Metals offer glamour and contrast beautifully with natural materials and colours. They also of course reflect light and add some style into a bathroom.


Your bathroom is no longer there for purely functional purposes, but also a place to escape to, and this will be seen in the move toward furniture, mood lighting. We also think that furniture will become more prominent this year in our bathrooms.

Creative Tile Patterns

Of course decorative tiles are going to be a strong favourite throughout 2016 and will be showcased in a lot of bathrooms. Be it on a splash back, a wall or even a textured tile floor can be use through your bathroom. Tiles will give you a great opportunity to really stamp your style on your room. You can push this as far as you want to take it, and that is what is great about this trend.