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Bathroom mistakes you need to avoid!

Of course when you come and get your kitchen from us, we will make sure you get a beautiful design. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for everyone else. There are so many classic design mistakes that people make when the design bathroom that are so easy to avoid!

Here are the most popular bathroom design mistakes we’ve seen so many times that you really need to avoid!


Hands up, who’s done this one? Unfortunately we see this FAR too often – what were you all thinking? There are so many options available for bathroom flooring; there should never be a reason to put down a bathroom carpet. It may seem like a good idea, stepping out onto a nice warm, soft carpet when you get out of the shower, but it is a recipe for disaster! If you’re looking for a breeding ground for mould, putting a carpet in a damp, steam and humid environment are perfect. Within a few weeks, your cosy shag pile will have turned into a damp, smelly, rotting mess. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Coloured Suites

Another massive design disaster! Apparently, coloured suites are making a comeback, but we’re not overly convinced. We think a clean, white bathroom suite is a real selling point when marketing your home. It looks clean, it looks fresh and it looks simple. A white bathroom suite is timeless whereas coloured suites will always go back out of fashion the same way they came in.


The bathroom is one area of your home you should mess around with if you don’t know what you’re doing. You may think you know how to install a sink, but believe us, you’ll soon be you’re ankle deep in water, wading through what used to be your bathroom! Get a plumber in to check it all out and offer you some professional advice first. You should invest some money in your bathroom as it can be tricky and costly thing to fix if it goes wrong.

Slave to Trends

Less is definitely more when it comes to a bathroom design. You can have a hint of a certain design or trend in your bathroom without going all out – it’s so easy to overdo it and it can look awful! Colour coordinated flowers, towels and soaps make your bathroom look far more unique and trendy than a total trend you may get bored of in a few months.

Lack of Storage

You’ve picked out a beautiful, brand new, minimalist bathroom. It’s been installed and you love it. Only now, you can’t seem to find anywhere to store your shampoo, or to keep your towels, or your toothbrush?! Most of us suffer with this bathroom design mistake. Here at Solutions, we will help to install a bathroom to be proud of that still have all of the storage space you’ll need! It’s all in the design, so leave it to us!

Let us help you avoid these disasters! If you are looking for a bathroom supplier in Nottingham or Mansfield, Direct plumbing are the place for you. Our team are all experienced in the world of bathroom supplying and we will be able to advise you each and every step of the way. Come along to our impressive showroom for a chat about what you want out of your new bathroom design today. You can find us here:

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