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Kitchen design mistakes

If you’re planning a kitchen revamp then there are a few things you need to remember to avoid making key design mistakes. Here are some things to consider...

Remember storage space

It is easy to sometimes get overexcited when designing a stylish new kitchen and forget about storage! It’s a nightmare not having enough space for all of your utensils, crockery, appliances and food. It’s easy to create a kitchen that is both stylish and functional in terms of space. So many kitchens have wasted space, but this can be minimised with sufficient planning that we will help you with.

And work space

A lack of counter-top space for preparing food can be a real nightmare in a kitchen. Consider all the kitchen activities that require a counter-top, as well as appliances that are permanently located there and plan accordingly. Again this is something we can help you with.

Don’t forget to ventilate

Ventilation is key in a kitchen design and can sometimes be overlooked. No one wants to cook a fry-up and smell it for days afterwards! A good ventilation system will remove smells, help improve the quality of your indoor air and also help keep your kitchen cleaner.

Remember a splash-back

Forgetting or omitting a splash-back in your kitchen design is one mistake that may save you money on the short term, but could end up causing you problems and costing you a lot of time and effort. Elements present in the kitchen, including steam, high humidity and grease in the kitchen means installing a backsplash behind the oven, sink and above the counters in your kitchen is essential. It is much easier to clean these things off a backsplash than it is wall paint or wallpaper.


The kitchen is definitely one room where you can’t afford to have bad lighting. It will obviously add to the aesthetics and feel of the room, but it is also important in terms of safety. You should try to layer the light, as opposed to having one solo light source. Task lighting and accent lighting at work areas can be very useful in a kitchen. The lighter and brighter your new kitchen, the better you can show it off!

Trust the Pros

Taking on kitchen design project on your own to save money can be a massive mistake that will actually end up costing you more money in the long run. There are some jobs where a professional is needed! Here at Solutions, we will help you identify your specific needs and transform those details into a competent plan and design.

Don’t waste your time and money! Let us help you achieve your dream kitchen. We believe that we have the products and service that your home deserves.

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