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Make it feel like spring by brightening up your kitchen

While the bitter mornings and harsh winter evening feel like they’re here to stay for a little while longer, we wanted to help clear your winter blues by offering you some tips and tricks for brightening up your kitchen.​


If a kitchen revamp is on your 2015 to do list, there really is no time like the present. Whether you require a contemporary or traditional look, we have a solution for you - choose from the hundreds of varying styles and colour schemes available, perfect for creating your ideal light, bright kitchen. We also offer a vast collection of work surfaces and tiles to complement your kitchen, in a range of different colours and materials – sure the clear those winter blues.


If it’s not the time for you to have a full kitchen revamp you can still brighten your kitchen up by simply adding a bit of colour. Colour can make a huge difference and don’t worry, we don’t mean painting a wall luminous pink! This can be done using subtle paints, textiles like coloured curtains, appliances and furnishings. See how the below kitchen has subtle green accents which lift and brighten the whole look.

Clever lighting

Clever lighting can make your kitchen appear bigger, fresher and decidedly more chic. Make your kitchen look bright and contemporary while also saving money by installing concealed fluorescent lights at the top of the units. This will bounce an attractive light off the ceiling instantly making your kitchen look brighter.


A worktop is arguably the most important feature in a kitchen. To instantly improve to look of your kitchen and to make it feel fresh and bright, an attractive, hardwearing and easy to maintain work surface is just what you need. We have a beautiful range of worktops including quartz, granite, and solid surface, real wood and laminate.


Brightening up your Kitchen is easy! We believe that we have the products and service that your home deserves.

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