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Picking the Perfect Tap

Whether your bathroom will be the epitome of your relaxation time or just an indulgent escape in which you can groom and preen till your heart is content a nice clean design will help in any environment regardless of what your mood is.

You may go for a large mosaic wall, a striking bath tub, dramatic freestanding basin, a gravity defying floating mirror or even an extravagant shower can make all the difference making your bathroom as flamboyant as possible. People always look past one of the main factors of a bathroom which are the taps. Picking a standout tap or faucet shouldn’t go a miss; there are plenty of tap features which can really stand out when put into a modern day bathroom, or even a retro themed one.

First of all, choose a model that will best suit your bathroom style and space. For example, a free standing tap will go really well with a freestanding bath or basin. A fascinating wall or deck mounted tap can also give your basin an exciting twist.

A statement tap can come in a number of forms, from the nice and curvaceous to those with the sharp angles and asymmetric edges. Each, in turn, will deliver a power aesthetic whilst bringing an entirely different vibe to the scheme you’ve gone for. Opt for a style or design that suits your space and importantly your personality.

You can choose from a wide range of taps to suit your bathroom styles and even talk to us about what you’re looking for. You can do this by emailing our email address or give us a call on 01623 515793.