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What to Consider When You Are Going to Paint Your Home

So what mood do you want to create?

We all know how effective using the right colours can be to create a certain feel or mood in various rooms in your home.

All depending on what you want the room to achieve and how it is going to be used... of course.

So what mood do you want to create?

Consider what you are wanting out of the room.

You might want to create a dining area that will be mainly for formal use or where the whole family can come and generally enjoy the room. What about your bathroom does it need to be a place of relaxation or a place of urgency so no one is tempted to take too long in there?

For example to create a cosy space where people can congregate and feel welcome, you can try using warm colours, works well in spaces like the living room.

Don’t forget to also play around with the lighting in the room, you will be surprised what a difference it can make.

So you’ve got your moods down and made the choice of what colours you are going to apply.

Whoa slow down just a minute there!

It’s not quite time to get purchasing and splashing that paint all over the walls yet.

It is highly advisable that you go out and purchase tester pots of the colour(s) you have chosen, using the entire pot if possible, paint a large section of the wall.

If you can it will benefit you to paint on to a non-absorbent white surface such as paper or a piece of old plaster, not only will it save your walls from paint but will allow you to move them around the room to assess the lighting aspect even more.

As well as that advantage you can also paint multiple pieces and see how they contrast against each other.

Now you’re ready to get painting your rooms and giving them the feel and mood you want to achieve.

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